For the last few months, I’ve been tinkering with my home recording setup here in Amsterdam.  I’m getting acquainted with my gear and software, and (slowly, sometimes painfully) learning how to use these tools to make music!  In addition to actually recording my music, these things have been a useful songwriting aid – let’s admit it, it can be inspiring to hear, in real time, your voice soaked in cathedral-worthy reverb and your acoustic guitar crisply compressed.  Early in the configuration process, I called Rosa in to the room to check out what I was working on – mostly the same old shit I had already been playing – but now it sounded so good!  So fresh!  None of this is breaking news, I know, but it was exciting for me!

As useful as these newfound recording capabilities are for writing, for my first real project I thought it would be best to revisit something of a known entity – a song I wrote in 2014 called “Stay Here In Bed”.  I wanted to focus on getting a rudimentary understanding of the recording process, so having something that was fleshed out lyrically and harmonically seemed like a good way to achieve that with minimal distraction.  Of course… I did end up rewriting the guitar intro and tweaking the vocal melody a bit.  I couldn’t help it!

There is more new and fresh music to come, don’t you worry!  But until then, please enjoy my first offering from these Amsterdam sessions.