boot I’m writing this from my temporary apartment in De Pijp neighborhood of Earth’s most beautiful city (opinions may vary): Amsterdam! I fell in love with the ‘dam while first visiting with my (half Dutch) fiancé Rosa, and have been on a mission to live here for the nearly two years since. About a month ago that mission was officially accomplished, and for the next 5 months this will be my base of musical operations. What does that mean for you? Why am I spouting this biographical crap anyway – isn’t this site supposed to be about music? Yes, hypothetical reader that I just created as a thinly-veiled device to move this post along, my site is about music. It’s what I do, after all. I promise that the purpose isn’t solely to brag about living in Amsterdam. That’s just bonus content. I’m about to have much more time on my hands then I’m used to, and you know what that means: more music! I have a humble home studio set up here, and in addition I’ll be playing out in public as well. Be it on a bench overlooking a canal, busking in Dam Square or another tourist hotspot, or even singing in a local café or bar, I’ll be out there, so stay tuned! Proost! (That’s Dutch for “cheers” – I’m learning!) ]]>