Rijksmuseum Sunset   It’s been the greatest adventure of my life, and it’s finally coming to a close. On Tuesday morning, Rosa and I will board a flight for San Francisco and complete the extraordinary chapter in our lives that has been life in Amsterdam.  Our time here, and in the places we’ve traveled to while living here, has been inspiring and influential in ways that may take me the rest of my life to quantify. I’m already beginning to feel the musical effects – I have, after all, had lots of time to play guitar, write, and (begin to learn how to) record music.  I have a feeling I’ll be able to draw even more inspiration from this experience in the coming weeks and months as I look back on it all.  There’s no doubt that my next songs have already begun writing themselves. As my final days here unfold, I’ve found that every event has an added significance, a gravitational pull on my attention.  Every thing I do, even something as mundane as a routine trip to the local grocery store, is now an occasion of note because it could be the last time I buy a loaf of bread as a resident of Amsterdam.  It’s all very exhausting, and makes it more difficult to actually savor these fleeting moments, but I know it’s a product of my affection for the place I’ve been fortunate enough to call my home for the past seven months. The next chapter looks to be a very different but equally rewarding experience.  It will be shaped profoundly by the one that’s about to close.  I would like to thank everyone who has shared this time with us, after all; it’s not just a dot on the map that I fell in love with (though I do freaking love this map dot). Finally, I’ve got one more song to release before we board that flight on Tuesday.  Stay tuned!   Tot de volgende keer, Rob]]>